Behind the brand


Li.The Present Candle is a humble home business operated by the Loo sisters, Mayble & Vivian based in Sydney and Melbourne. Their candles are made from high quality ingredients sourced from renowned producers such as Eroma and Luxaroma, using a luscious coconut and soy wax blend along with domestically developed fragrances and essential oils that are completely vegan and cruelty-free. Each candle is hand made with decorative and healing naturally dried flowers, a wooden wick, and finished with a personalised message, making each candle a little more special.

'Li' is derived from the classic chinese word that commonly used within Confucianism, and is referred to as Gift or The Present. Li.The Present Candles are therefore not only an extension of your home design but a perfect gift that provides you with the space to enjoy happiness, self-love, and hopeful living in the present moment. As a company and as a community, Li.The Present Candle is committed to being accountable for their actions to the planet through Zero Waste packaging (reusable and recyclable) and 100% natural ingredients.