茶 . cha / Tea

茶 . cha / Tea

The key to life is positivi-TEA -- Unknown

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    Combines the sophisticated notes of different teas and plants high in antioxidants, creating sweet, woody and rustic flavour to bring daily positivity, leaving you feeling zen anytime, anywhere!




    - Green Tea & Lemongrass

    ingredients: Lemongrass, Mandarin Peel, Cyclamen, Green Tea Leaf


    - Sandalwood

    ingredients: Sandalwood, Pine Needle, Lemon, Rose Petals


    Wax: 150g | burn time: 33 hours


    - Fresh Coffee (New - in Amber Glass)

    ingredients: Coffee bean, Almond, Vanilla Bean, Sugar Cane


    Wax: 150g | burn time: 33 hours

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